UDP and custom GSockets

debruyn debruynels1 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 20 08:42:48 UTC 2016

Hi Sebastian,

Thanks for helping, So i can get n source address from creating like a
buffer probe on the udpsrc? Do you know where i can find an example of
buffer probes? Was only successfull yesterday to create event probes.

Also I am trying to create my own socket to give to UDPSrc. Will this work
if i link the source IP address and port, that i set on the UDPSink? This is
my code snippet to link the address (Note the pipeline has been linked and
created before this):

GSocketAddress *bind_addr;
	GInetAddress *bind_iaddr;
	GSocketFamily family;
	guint16 port = 50001;
	GError *err = NULL;

	bind_iaddr = g_inet_address_new_from_string ("");
	bind_addr = g_inet_socket_address_new (bind_iaddr, port);

	g_object_unref (bind_iaddr);

	family = g_socket_address_get_family (G_SOCKET_ADDRESS (bind_addr));

	GSocket * socketUDP = g_socket_new(family, G_SOCKET_TYPE_DATAGRAM,
	if(socketUDP == NULL)
		debug("Could not create socket: %s", err->message);
		g_object_unref (bind_addr);
		g_socket_bind (socketUDP, bind_addr, TRUE, &err);
		if(err != NULL)
			debug("Failed to bind socket: %s", err->message);
			g_object_unref (bind_addr);
			g_object_set (G_OBJECT (gstSource), "socket", socketUDP, NULL);


The Error I am getting says the following => Failed to bind socket: Error
binding to address: Cannot assign requested address. 
What worries me is that i get the same error when trying to set the address
property of udpsrc ,in  the commandline (using gst-launch-1.0) using any
other address other than multicast addresses.

Thanks for the help I really appreciate it.

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