DVB-T and DVB-T2: quick sanity check

Reynaldo H. Verdejo Pinochet reynaldo at osg.samsung.com
Wed Apr 20 22:20:44 UTC 2016


On 04/20/2016 04:52 AM, Russel Winder wrote:
> [..]
> This particular problem can be characterized with this example from Me 
> TV use. I try to tune to BBC NEWS HD, and I get the following. I think 
> the fact that it tries to tune twice is understandable given the 
> current state of the Me TV code. The tuner is a DVB-T2 one, dvbv5-zap 
> has no problem tuning 

If you'd like to help getting this fix on dvbsrc, can you please
reproduce your failure with gst-launch and a recent checkout
from master and put your full command line alongside a
*dvb*:5 debug log for a failed run at bugzilla?.

For DVB-T2 you need to be properly setting: frequency, delsys,
bandwidth, code_rate_hp, code_rate_lp, modulation,
transmission_mode, guard_interval, hierarchy_information
and stream_id. Some of these parameters might have sane
defaults but please double check.

The "Failed to get statistics" messages should be harmless,
although It'd be good to know what the failing ioctl is. Right
now we are assuming the ones we use (_READ_STATUS,
_READ_BER, etc) always work.

Thank you,


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