comparison Packetized vs byte stream format in x264enc over the network

gstreader reachtoarpi at
Wed Apr 20 23:30:06 UTC 2016


I am using the following pipeline for video streaming application .

Server pipeline running in two paths:
 1) after encoding save the encoded data(264 file) in a file.
2) after encoding send the data over the network.

I have set the encoder property byte-stream = TRUE , otherwise I can not
save the encoded data in a .264 file locally(server side).

My question is when we send the file over the network how it will go in RTP
packetized format?

Will it contains a full NAL unit or more than one NAL unit in packet(but I
have set byte-stream= TRUE)?

or  how it will send in byte-stream format packet?

Please add your comment.

Thanks in advance

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