Get mjpeg udp stream from actioncam HX-A1

MICHON Anthony anthony.michon at
Thu Apr 21 08:54:18 UTC 2016

I finally had success when using following command ! (so simple when I read it..)

gst-launch-1.0.exe udpsrc port=1234 ! jpegdec ! autovideosink

I would now use a command to save as single jpeg frames like I did with ffplay :

ffmpeg -i udp:// –qscale :v 2 -f image2 -update 1 d:\img.jpg

I just tried this : gst-launch-1.0.exe udpsrc port=1234 !  jpegparse ! filesink location=image.jpg
I have a single fiel BUT it is growing...

Any solution to use a ffplay "-update" like options with gstreamer ? 


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> >   gst-play-1.0 udp://
> No error but no output :(
> See

>Did you adjust the IP? is not going to work obviously, since the camera can't send to it..

You're right, there is more verbose info with local ip : But I don’t understand the problem (ERROR Can't play a text file without video or visualizations.)

> There is no RTSP server, I have used wireshark to get frames from 
> camera to android app, I suspect the traffic were not RTP based on but 
> I don't know any program to check the protocol.

>What does ffplay say? And what is the ffplay comman line you use?

With no options
Ffplay udp:// :

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