muliple gst_element_seek for creating new file

marc dingemans marcdingemans62 at
Mon Apr 25 06:28:23 UTC 2016


I want to extract some video parts from a mkv file and create based on
these parts one new mkv file.

This is done with muliple gst_element_seek calls with a time frame.
When a eos is received, then a the next gst_element_seek is started until
The destination file is generated, but can not be played with VLC.
The seek is done executed on element "matroskademux" (also used pipeline)

Used pipeline :
filesrc| matroskademux| h264parse | matroskamux | filesink

When I use next pipeline, then everything works fine.
filesrc| matroskademux| h264parse | avdec_h264| autovideosink

Why does the seek seems work to gui and not to file.
Must I use other approaches to put parts from a file in a new one

Thanks for your help
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