Udp source error "packet receive errors"

Vinod K vndkst at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 25 11:30:14 UTC 2016


I am running pipeline with UDP multicast as input. 
Some times I see random jump in input PCR. PCR is increasing and decreasing
many times within few minutes. Due to this mpegtsdemux is resetting PCR

When I tried to look into network statistics using linux command "netstat 
-su", UDP "packet receive error" is seen and error count is continuously
increasing. As soon as this error count stops increasing ,PCR continuity
also disappear.

[root at localhost ~] netstat -us
    365585839 packets received
    64003 packets to unknown port received.
    1626505 packet receive errors
    393047 packets sent
    0 receive buffer errors
    0 send buffer errors

>From netstat it is confirm that received input is not proper. What I
understood from the forum and Linux manual is  "packet receive errors" can
happen due to 2 reasons.
1. Application (pipeline) not able to consume data.
2. Corrupted data received. Checksum is not matching.

Many forums suggested to increase buffer size. I tuned buffer size using
buffer-size property of udpsrc. Still this issue exist.

Am I missing any configuration in Linux kernel setting or in gst pipeline ??
Are packets dropped due to corruption. How to differentiate between
corrupted input and buffer overflow ??

~ Vinod

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