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William Salibrici bsalibrici at
Tue Apr 26 16:56:55 UTC 2016

I am new to gstreamer so I am working with some examples in your manuals to help with the learning curve. I have a question about the Appsrc example [GStreamer Application Development Manual (1.7.90), section, pages 96 - 98].
First, here is some info about my development environment:

*         Windows 7 OS,

*         Visual studio 2010,

*         Gstreamer version 1.5.2 [I will be working with legacy code at this version],

*         Using your windows pre-built binaries.
I am able to successfully compile, link, and execute your appsrc example which uses the pull mode method of pushing new buffers into appsrc although appsrc is running in push mode. The only change I made was to use the d3dvideosink. The example runs just fine except for one thing, there are severe memory leaks [viewed through the task manager] that continue to grow as long as the app runs. It appears that your example is broken.
Is this a side effect of using the pull mode method of pushing new buffers? How can this be fixed?

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