H264 to streamable mp4

bomba jhonata.poma at gmail.com
Wed Apr 27 14:24:23 UTC 2016

This is chrome://media-internals/ on the catched-while-starting 

render_id: 280
player_id: 16
pipeline_state: kPlaying
event: PLAY
is_downloading_data: true
total_bytes: -1
streaming: true
single_origin: true
passed_cors_access_check: false
range_header_supported: false
buffer_current: 2195456
buffer_end: 2242576
buffer_start: 100776
info: FFmpegDemuxer: created video stream, config codec: h264 format: 2
profile: h264 baseline coded size: [640,480] visible rect: [0,0,640,480]
natural size: [640,480] has extra data? true encrypted? false
duration: 1.3932
found_audio_stream: false
found_video_stream: true
video_codec_name: h264
width: 640
height: 480
coded_width: 640
coded_height: 480
time_base: 1/20000
video_format: PIXEL_FORMAT_YV12
video_is_encrypted: false
max_duration: 1.3932
start_time: 0
bitrate: 1326434
video_dds: false
video_decoder: FFmpegVideoDecoder

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