Gstreamer Application crashes when compiled in "release mode" , works fine in "Debug mode"

Shrishty Deorari shrishty.deorari at
Thu Apr 28 05:42:40 UTC 2016


I am facing an  issue with  Gstreamer Application  when compiled in
"release mode"

*The Issue is:* We have created a Gstreamer application for *windows 7 (64
bit)* using* Visual studio 10 *, When the code is compiled in "*Debug mode*"
, everything works fine. But When complied in *"Release mode"* , The
application crashes at
 g*st_init(&argc, &argv)*  with the following error:

"* unhandled exception at 0x00000000300905a4d in IVApp.exe: 0xC0000005:
Access voilation at location 0x00000000300905a4d* "

All the library path , include file/ folders being same in both the modes.

The same thing happens when we remove everything from the application
except the
gst_init(&argc ,&argv)
So removing the chance of any other issue in rest of the application code.

*Gstreamer version used : 1.7.2 *
*Window 7 , 64 bit*
*Microsoft visual studio 2010*

If Anyone have any idea regarding this, kindly help.

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