AW: Gstreamer Application crashes when compiled in "release mode" , works fine in "Debug mode"

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My GStreamer applications run perfectly well with the release version on windows 7 /64. I would therefore suggest that you try using the dependency walker to try and find out if it is not finding some dll or other. You need to start the dependency walker using the same environment as your gstreamer application uses

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Betreff: Gstreamer Application crashes when compiled in "release mode" , works fine in "Debug mode"


I am facing an  issue with  Gstreamer Application  when compiled in "release mode"

The Issue is: We have created a Gstreamer application for windows 7 (64 bit) using Visual studio 10 , When the code is compiled in "Debug mode" , everything works fine. But When complied in "Release mode" , The application crashes at
 gst_init(&argc, &argv)  with the following error:

" unhandled exception at 0x00000000300905a4d in IVApp.exe: 0xC0000005: Access voilation at location 0x00000000300905a4d "

All the library path , include file/ folders being same in both the modes.

The same thing happens when we remove everything from the application except the
gst_init(&argc ,&argv)
So removing the chance of any other issue in rest of the application code.

Gstreamer version used : 1.7.2
Window 7 , 64 bit
Microsoft visual studio 2010

If Anyone have any idea regarding this, kindly help.

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