How to do gst-plugin cross-compilation for Windows (dll)?

AurelienV aurelien.veillard28 at
Fri Apr 29 09:50:54 UTC 2016


I want to build gst-plugin "MyFilter" from gst-template example for Windows
(as a dll library ofc).

I'm on Debian 8.4.0. I have already installed mingw32 and mingw32-binutils

I try to do it with the following commands:
.../gst-template/gst-plugin# ./configure --host=mingw32
.../gst-template/gst-plugin# ./ --host=mingw32

But when I look in .../gst-template/gst-plugin/src/.libs/ , there is only
.so and .la libraries.

Some people use VS to build dll but I think there's a way to do it from
linux (?).


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