d3dvideosink element crashes when system is in locked state.

Shrishty Deorari shrishty.deorari at vvdntech.com
Fri Apr 29 14:00:56 UTC 2016


We are developing Gstreamer application for windows system, In that we need
to play a  video file repeatedly. So for doing that  every time the file
playback finishes the application is destroying the pipeline and recreating
it to play the video file from starting.
For displaying the video we are using d3dvideosink .

The issue is: If the we are running the application and locks the system
(maybe using wind+L) , in this locked state if the application tries to
create n run the pipeline ,it is failing while creating the d3dvideosink

We are getting the error as:
"*0:01:32.570495113  3100 0000000044D5B280 ERROR           d3dvideosink
d3dhelpers.c:2442:d3d_class_display_device_create: Unable to request
adapter[0] device caps*
*0:01:32.570548538  3100 0000000044D5B280 ERROR           d3dvideosink
d3dhelpers.c:2662:d3d_hidden_window_thread: Failed to initiazlize adapter:

While If we do not Lock the system , Our application runs perfectly fine
for hours, The repeated creation and destruction of pipeline take place
Is d3dvideosink creating issue or directx 11 Driver.

System is : Windows 7 (32/64 bit)
Direct X : Direct X 11

Can anyone help with this d3dvideosink element. Or is there any other
better element for displaying video in windows.

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