is it allowed to change updsink host property dynamically without stopping pipeline?

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Wed Aug 2 16:17:10 UTC 2017

Il 02/08/2017 17:56, alcosar ha scritto:
> Yes, I tried it.It seems to be working.
> Though it is not a prove that it is legitimate, and it has not concurrency
> issues.

I think it is thread safe, |please take a look here:

the actual client is removed using |gst_multiudpsink_remove and the new 
client is added using ||gst_multiudpsink_add,||

both this methods are thread safe (note lock = TRUE passed 



for audio only stream you need no additional steps, if you add video you 
need to ensure that the new host receive a keyframe as first packet (it 
will be unable to display video until the first keyframe anyway)


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