Fwd: Vaapih264enc and Intra/Key frame request

Matteo Valdina matteo.valdina at studenti.unimi.it
Thu Aug 3 10:57:46 UTC 2017

Thanks Hyunjun and Sree

I was confised because when I give a look to the encoder I found your patch
and assume that was there for awhile.

I'll try version from master.

About the second question, yes I would like to disable periodic IDR or have
higher range.
300 in my scenario (60 fps) is 5 seconds.

Matteo Valdina

On Aug 3, 2017 01:38, "Hyunjun Ko" <zzoon at igalia.com> wrote:

Matteo Valdina wrote
> Hi all,
> I'm currently using vaapih264enc for a live streaming (RTP) project (1.8.3
> for now). I need to generate intra-frame upon an external request (like
> packet loss indication).
> For asking to the encoder to generate the intra-frame, I'm using this
> code:
> GstEvent* event = gst_video_event_new_downstream_force_key_unit
> gboolean res = gst_element_send_event(encoder_, event);
> I tested and analyzed the output stream generated by x264enc and it works.
> But when I use vaapih264enc. I see generate SPS, PPS, SEI and Non-IDR
> frames.
> Does someone try a similar scenario and verify if intra frame is generated
> as expected?

This is implemented recently, which is doing that it produces IDR if


Use gstreamer-vaapi on the master.

Matteo Valdina wrote
> I'm also surprised that there is no way to disable periodic key frame
> generation. Documentation states 0 for auto computation, accepted range 1
> -
> 300. When I tried with 0 GLib assert that it is not a valid value.
> Is it possible to disable this feature?

Currently 0 is disabled but there is logic to calculate based on provided
We can enable it after verification (file up to bugzilla please)
But I guess you want to disable forever (and produce I-frame when you want),
that's not supported for now. You can raise this up to bugzilla as Sree

Matteo Valdina wrote
> Best regards
> Matteo Valdina

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