Several Questions About gst-launch-1.0

myaspm myaspm at
Thu Aug 17 09:02:31 UTC 2017

Hi everyone, i'm a pretty noob gstreamer 1.0 user and i have several
questions which i couldnt find answers on the internet.

1) I have an local RTSP server created by VLC. Whenever i try to stream it
with gst-launch-1.0 with this pipe  : *gst-launch-1.0 rtspsrc
location=xxxx:yyy ! ximagesink* (It doesn't work with any sink)
i see /"ERROR: from element
/GstPipeline:pipeline0/GstRTSPSrc:rtspsrc0/GstUDPSrc:udpsrc3: Internal data
flow error."/ 

It works with playbin but sound is very broken. Why would this happen? I'm
not looking for you to solve my problem, just directing in the right
direction would be enough for me. 

2) How can i learn more about the command line pipes? Generally speaking,
most examples in the internet, documentation and tutorials are build upon C.
For example i want to learn what sources work with which encoders, why my
webcam pipe doesn't work if i change the source to rtsp, why x can't be
linked with y etc.

3) Is there a way to serve video file as rtsp with gst-launch-1.0 ? I can
somehow build my own local server with VLC and stream it with gstreamer but
it'd be better if i could use gstreamer to do both.

Thanks in advance. Have a nice day.

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