GstPipeline and bus call

killerrats koreysjunkmail at
Fri Aug 18 06:50:42 UTC 2017

okay I have figured it out and sending the link to the .cpp file.

UdpVideoPlayer.cpp <>  

this will tee the rtph264depay and go to the autovideosink then go to the
appsink. as the appsink get buffer it will make a count for the
appsinkCount. I have a preAppsinkCount the see if appsinkCount equals
preAppsinkCount. if they are both same 4 times it will quit the application. 

checking the appsinkCount to preAppsinkCount in timeout_cb function
appsinkCount is counting in appsink_signal function
appsinkCount and preAppsinkCount declared global at top.
ImmediateLoopQuit function will g_main_quit(loop);

I hope this works.

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