udp and rtp multicast streaming behavoir

Yile Ku stiffstone at gmail.com
Sun Aug 27 17:10:00 UTC 2017

We use udp to stream an h.265 encoded stream.  When we use a live video
camera the streaming is flawless.  When we send a udp stream with a file as
the src to it is flawless.  When we take a file, encode it and
send it to another board (either multicast or unicast) we see the video get
pixelated and fuzzy.  We also see the frame rate jump around from 90 to
150+, down to 1, etc. even though the source file is 60 FPS.  We tried
putting 'videorate' in the pipeline, but that did not fix anything.  It
looks like the UDP packets are not being 'metered' out from the source or
at the destination.  The encoder source reads the source video file (raw
video), encodes it, then sends it out at a much faster rate than the video
framerate.  We did put in 'rtpjitterbuffer' and it made the video better,
but we are still getting framerates that are 90 to 150+ etc.

When encoding and sending a file using UDP, what is the mechanism that
should control the framerate?

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