kmssink : Cannot Open /dev/mxc_vpu with Mainline kernel

Chakra D 2chakrass at
Tue Aug 29 17:44:24 UTC 2017

Hi All,

I'm trying to use gst 1.0 in imx_6q platform based board and encountered
with the /dev/mxc_vpu error when I use kmssink.

please find the detailed steps[1]

I have inserted CODA module and it got successfully inserted. From the logs
of this CODA module insertion i found that codec registered as

Coda version i'm using is
 coda 2040000.vpu: Firmware code revision: 46072
 coda 2040000.vpu: Initialized CODA960.

But when called gst-launch-1.0 with the args below, i ended with error

[ERR]   Can't open /dev/mxc_vpu: No such file or directory
[ERR]   IOSystemInit() failure.

May i know will the coda module will create the mxc_vpu driver ? which part
of code will create this driver for gstreamer to run ?

Also im seeing white rectangular screen overlapped on the left side of the
video and video playback is very slow.

Not sure what gone wrong...please share if you have any inputs for fixing
this issue

Attached the log in the following link:


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