Issue with registry.x86_64.bin

Tim Müller tim at
Tue May 2 08:22:17 UTC 2017

On Tue, 2017-05-02 at 17:38 +1000, Simon Michnowicz wrote:

Hi Simon,

>  When the program runs for the first time on a machine, a
> considerable time delay occurs (40+ minutes) before the program
> initializes, although subsequent runs start immediately.

This should take seconds at most really, and be barely noticable on a
server system. 40+ minutes is a bit crazy, you'll have to debug why
that is so slow and what it's doing all this time. You can delte the
file and then run GST_DEBUG=*:6 gst-inspect-0.10 coreelements for
example to see what's going on.

And as was already pointed out, GStreamer 0.10 is no longer supported
or maintained, you should use 1.x instead (though I suspect you have
not much choice if it's a commercial application).


Tim Müller, Centricular Ltd -

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