Negative rate trick mode - how to avoid video sink buffering.

mahesh mane maheshmane7676 at
Wed May 3 13:58:25 UTC 2017


I am trying to play a MP4 file which is of 3 hours duration. When I do
reverse seek in trick mode (-32x) at position 80 minutes, video sink keeps
buffering till it reaches 0 minutes. After this reverse playback starts.
Because of this buffering the system memory usage increases. After some
time, the memory allocation fails. This is issue when we test on a hardware
as the memory is limited.

Can anyone tell how to avoid the buffering of the video sink ? is there any
parameter that needs to be send additionally in new segment or flush or
another event so that rewind seek starts immediately with out buffering in
video sink?

Thanks for you suggestion in advance,


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