multiple servers streaming to the same udpsrc port

Visser Sander (2) (Consultant) sander.visser.2 at
Fri May 12 07:20:20 UTC 2017


Im looking into having multiple servers stream to the same client (2 separate gstreamer instances in the client) using UDP unicast, but also the same UDP port on the client (for simplicity avoiding configuration in the servers).

 I do not find any high-level way to lock the source IP of the UDP stream in the client, I thought I would be able to specify a GSocket with source address locker in 'udpsrc', but cannot understand if this possible. It seems remote-address of a GSocket is read-only.  The only method I find is to create the GSocket using an fd where SO_ATTACH_FILTER has been set to only allow one sender.

Another way would be to rewrite the destination port depending on source IP outside the gstreamer pipeline, or should it be possible without modifying gstreamer plugins?

Is there a more high-level GStreamer method to limit the source IP?

/Regards Sander

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