gst-ffmpeg on ARM Linux: GNU assembler not found, install/update gas-preprocessor

Gottfried Haider gottfried.haider at
Mon May 15 17:13:45 UTC 2017

Some more investigation:

In the config.log I see: -arch arm -as-type -- as -v
unknown as type: '--'
as: unrecognized option '-_ISOC99_SOURCE'

The first error seems to be caused by $as_type being empty string in
the ffmpeg configure script. Why this is I do not know. If I force the
"-as-type" argument to read "-as-type gas" this will make the first
error disappear, but the error concerning the unrecognized option
remains (and also bites during the actual build).

The output of "as -v" is:

GNU assembler version 2.25 (arm-linux-gnueabihf) using BFD version
(GNU Binutils for Raspbian) 2.25

I am attempting to build FFmpeg on an armv6hf system for this very target.



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