Finalizing the AVI file using AVIMUX

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Sat May 20 00:20:59 UTC 2017

Gstreamer 1.10

I have used the following pipeline to finalize a avi file. it finalizes
showing time and the bar of the time elapse. When I can seek forward or
backward it doesn't seem to correctly work in windows media player. If i use
Video LAN (VLC) I can seek forward or backward with ease. 

gst-launch-1.0 -e rtspsrc protocols=4 location=[IP] name=source !
rtph264depay name=vdepay ! h264parse ! queue name=q2 ! avimux name=mux !
filesink location=test.avi source. ! queue name=q1 ! rtpmp4gdepay
name=adepay ! aacparse ! faad ! mux.

I have also written an application in c++ by linking and unlinking and
passing EOS through the RecBin. I have written the file successfully by
finalizing the file with the header but it does the same thing.

	queue -> rtph264depay -> h264parse -> tee ------------------- 
       /					 		                               \ 
rtspsrc 							                                 RecBin (below)
       \queue -> rtpmp4gdepay name=adepay -> aacparse -> faad----/ 

	Rec Bin
|tee -> queue		   	        |
|                  \		   	        |
|	             avimux -> appsink |
|                   /                          |
|tee -> queue		   	        |

Is there something wrong with the avimux or my pipeline? any Ideas?

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