Android Studio (editor) cannot see Gst header files

jeremi.wojcicki jeremi.wojcicki at
Mon May 22 19:16:02 UTC 2017

High Guys,

I'm beginning my adventure with Gstreamer framework for Android. I decided
to use Android Studio rather that eclipse as it seems that it is probably a
better choice for the future (AS is now the official IDE). Anywa,y I
successfully managed to import, configure and build GST tutorials for
android but one thing that still baffles me is that AS editor does not see
GST header files:
I do not know how to solve it - i tried adding the path to the header in
gradle.bulild file, but that does not bring any effect:

        ndk {
            moduleName "tutorial-4"
            abiFilters 'arm64-v8a'
            cFlags +=

Compilation runs fine, so GSTREAMER_ROOT_ANDROID is set correctly, it just
that Android Studio editor complains that it cannot resolve any gstreamer
structs or functions.

any ideas how to point AS to these headers?

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