Proportion value in QOS keeps increasing

NarutoKun anikesh_dada at
Tue May 23 13:25:24 UTC 2017

Hello All,

would like to know if any of you have faced this strange issue.
While I am stream video feeds consistently well at times I see choppy video.
I have three cameras. Only one of them show the choppy video. 

I am using same logic to form the GStreamer pipeline for each camera. I took
a dive to collect QOS parameters of the BUS viz., running_time, stream_time,
proportion, jitter, quality etc.

I have observed proportion value keeps increasing. Could any one direct me
to solve this issue.

APIs i used to collect above information are
1. gst_message_parse_qos(msg, live, running_time, stream_time, timestamp,
2. gst_message_parse_qos_values(msg, jitter, proportion, quality);

Thank you for your time !!!

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