Gstreamer buffers and their data

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Wed May 24 16:08:46 UTC 2017


As a follow-on to my last question, I was hoping to get some advice on how
to deal with the GStreamer data structures used when working with buffers,
as well as the data they contain.  Here's the pipeline I have:

v4l2src -> videorate -> identity -> jpegenc -> queue -> jifmux ->

I have a callback function that is triggered by the identity's handoff
signal.  The function is below (this is Python, by the way):

def identityHandoff(self, identity, buf):
   memory = Gst.Buffer.get_all_memory(buf)
   (result, info) =, Gst.MapFlags.READ)
   if result:
      #Eventually pass data to another process for image processing
		#Clean up
      Gst.Memory.unmap(memory, info)

The problem I'm running into is how to deal with the "info" variable
returned by the map() call.  The "info" variable is of type Gst.MapInfo, and 
page explains the data type.  The "data" member variable is of type "bytes"
(which is actually just a string in Python 2.7), and is explained as a "a
pointer to the mapped data."  I'm eventually going to want to pass off this
data to another process where I'm running C++ code, but for now am trying to
look at the data in Python.  However, I'm having trouble
viewing/interpreting the data. If I used the identity plugin's dump
property, I get something like this:

00000000  (0xb2eda000)  06 77 05 81 05 79 03 7f 02 7d 01 7e 01 81 01 80 

This seems to me to be the values at memory location 0xb2eda000, although
I'm not sure what that last string of characters (.w...y...}.~....) is
supposed to be.  However, I'm having trouble viewing the data when I use the
Gst.MapInfo object's data property.  Is there anyone with some experience
working with data this way (preferably in Python)?


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