Error while streaming MJPEG video with RTSP protocol

HeroGian Brilli.Gianluca at
Mon Nov 6 13:42:31 UTC 2017

I want to stream a MJPEG video from my ethernet camera with OpenCV and
I have tried to open the stream with the following gstreamer pipeline:

std::string pipe(
                "rtspsrc location=rtsp:// !
application/x-rtp,encoding-name=JPEG,payload=26 ! "
                "rtpjpegdepay ! jpegdec ! xvimagesink sync=false ! appsink"
cv::VideoCapture cap(pipe, cv::CAP_GSTREAMER);

but the previous code returns me the following error:

OpenCV Error: Unspecified error (GStreamer: cannot find appsink in manual
) in cvCaptureFromCAM_GStreamer, file
line 796
VIDEOIO(cvCreateCapture_GStreamer (CV_CAP_GSTREAMER_FILE, filename)): raised
OpenCV exception:

error: (-2) GStreamer: cannot find appsink in manual pipeline
 in function cvCaptureFromCAM_GStreamer

I managed to stream the the same RTSP source with H264 and H265 algorithms, 
MJPEG is the only format that doesn't work, then I suppose that is a
gstreamer pipeline problem..


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