Encode YUV420 buffer with appsrc

pchaurasia pchaurasia at gameloreinc.com
Tue Nov 7 19:07:23 UTC 2017

Hi Antonio

Apologies again about being late on this. I tried your suggestion of using
YV12. That does not help. I tried few different combinations of size,
strides and none of those guesses help. 

After some more debug, I am suspecting issues in my understanding of
hardware. I'm seeking help from nvidia guys. My test code, for purpose of
reproduction of the issue on nvidia hardware can be found at -


Would be great if you glance through this, as without actual hardware - it
will be hard for you to reproduce the issue. I am able to generate legal
h265 (mp4) bitstream of appsrc buffers. But it has lots of artifacts.


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