gst-rtsp-server, Using "appsrc ! tsparse ! rtpmp2tpay" to stream any TS file.

donbox aman.coe at
Wed Nov 15 08:49:51 UTC 2017

Hello there

I am using, with success, the following pipeline :

    *appsrc *name=tsDataSource !  *tsparse * set-timestamps=true  !
*rtpmp2tpay *pt=33 name=pay0 

For the appsrc/tsDataSource,  * need-data *signal is used, to "pull" * TS
data *into the pipeline.

My question is, since I am "pulling" TS data here, do I really need to use 
* set-timestamps * in tsparse.  Can that be avoided by setting appropriate
*caps *on the *appsrc *for *TS data*.

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