GstCollectPad non_waiting mode

Tim Müller tim at
Wed Nov 15 14:24:30 UTC 2017

On Wed, 2017-11-15 at 14:59 +0100, Stefan Sauer wrote:


As far as I know, collectpads does support not waiting for data on
pads, which is typically used for sparse streams like subtitle stream
or metadata streams.

collectpads does not support timing out though, and behaves poorly in
case of live sources.

I'm also not sure if collectpads will handle it properly if you set the
non-waiting status "later" (i.e. wake up the waiting thread and make it
recheck all pads).

> Yes, I'd encourage you to try using GstAggregator instead. Especially
> for a muxer, it should be good enough already.

Aggregator is definitely the future, but if I remember correctly it's
still missing the feature to set input pads to non-waiting in the non-
live case? Which may or may not be relevant for your use case (in the
live one it will just time out according to the configured latency).


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