MJPG camera to hlssink

Nicolas Dufresne nicolas at ndufresne.ca
Mon Nov 20 18:54:09 UTC 2017

General note,

I just notice that multipart demux does not set any timestamps. hlssink
is completly timestamp based, and the time accumulator was stuck at
zero. The solution I found it:

  souphttpsrc is-live=1 do-timestamp location=... ! multipartdemux ! ..

After that it works.


Le lundi 20 novembre 2017 à 07:33 -0500, Jerry Geis a écrit :
> >I’m using an rtsp source, so this might not help.  But try putting
> the element h264parse in front of >mpegtsmux, which is required for
> what I’m doing.
> I just tried that and made no difference.
> I to use that in my rtsp version and that works just fine. 
> Jerry
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