Reduce to 2 colors only (black+white) based on threshhold (x-raw GRAY8 format)?

Josh Doe josh at
Mon Nov 20 19:23:13 UTC 2017

On Mon, Nov 20, 2017 at 2:06 PM, Nicolas Dufresne <nicolas at>

> Le samedi 18 novembre 2017 à 13:52 -0700, HermannSW a écrit :
> > Is there is a plugin for allowing black+white(threshold) conversion, or
> do I
> > need to code a new plugin for that?
> There is frei0r-filter-threshold0r that can do that, but the element
> only inputs RGBA, which forces double color conversion. It's a bit
> inconvenient. I wonder if it's a Frei0r limitation, or GStreamer here.

It's a frei0r limitation. A while back I made a MATLAB script which would
turn a MATLAB M-file into a frei0r plugin to be used in GStreamer, and
found there was no GRAY8 or GRAY16_*. It's a simple #define that's needed
to add additional color models, though frei0r.h hasn't been touched since
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