Using GstAppSrc source leads to jerky sound on OpenSuSE 43.2 (PulseAudio)

George Yunaev gyunaev at
Wed Nov 22 07:52:42 UTC 2017

Hi all,

When playing sound from GstAppSrc, seekable stream, my application 
sounds weird on my machine. Sound is played only half of each second; 
the other half no sound is played.

No error messages of any kind are printed in the console.

I assumed that it was due to some kind of strange input buffer underrun, 
so I rewrote the application pushing buffers in a separate thread 
indefinitely (ignoring enough-data). It fills it up fully even before 
the sound is heard, but the output is the same - jerky sound which turns 
off every half seconds.

The same pipeline plays regular music files from disk (opened through 
'url' source) fine.

If needed, the player source is here: - it 
handles both video and audio and thus is pretty complex. in 
setupSource() the audio sink is set up, and the callbacks read the data 
from QIODevice.

Thank you in advance!

With best regards, George.
Senior Software Security Engineer

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