Compiling nvdec

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Fri Nov 24 02:45:44 UTC 2017

I am trying to compile gst-plugins-bad (master) with support for Nvidia's
hardware decoding.  The output of autogen indicates nvdec will be built but
I receive a make error:

In file included from gstnvdec.c:34:0:
../../gst-libs/gst/gl/glprototypes/sync.h:27:22: error: expected
specifier-qualifier-list before ‘GLsync’
 GST_GL_EXT_FUNCTION (GLsync, FenceSync,
../../gst-libs/gst/gl/gstglfuncs.h:93:3: note: in definition of macro
   ret (GSTGLAPI *name) args;
Do I have some library missing causing this error?



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