Gstreamer net clock syncronization

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Tue Nov 28 08:45:27 UTC 2017

Hi everybody,

I have a central unit that manages all devices connected with. With the
instruction gst_net_time_provider_new (clock, ip, port) I create in the
central unit a global net clock where other devices can sync.
On devices I connect to this global net clock with the instruction clock =
gst_net_client_clock_new(NULL, ip, port, 0); and I sync with it with the
instruction gst_clock_wait_for_sync(clock, GST_CLOCK_TIME_NONE).

Everything seems going well, all devices are synced until I reboot the
central unit and then everything is not synced if I don't reboot the device
applications too. It seems that on devices there is a cache that avoid to
re-sync the clock if the ip and the port is the same.

Can someone confirm my hypothesis? 
Can someone help me to clean this kind of cache to re-sync clock also if the
ip and the port are always the same? (if I change port or IP, clock is

Thanks in advance, 

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