GES Pipeline trouble with different video playback rates

Pat DeSantis pdesantis3 at
Mon Nov 5 15:55:33 UTC 2018

Hello all,

I'm having trouble getting playback rates (besides 1x) on video files in my
GESPipeline. For example, if I set the playback rate to 0.5x or 2x, the
audio slows down or speeds up as expected, but the video appears to always
play at 1x. To adjust the playback rate I'm using gst_element_seek on the

I have created a demo project that allows you to create a GstPipeline and
GESPipeline to observe the differences in behavior between the two:

If this is indeed a bug with GESPipeline (or perhaps the video sinks), I
will go ahead and log it, I just wanted to make sure I wasn't doing
anything wrong first. Tested on GStreamer 1.14.4.

Thanks for any assistance!
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