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Fri Nov 9 16:05:31 UTC 2018

Hi all, I'm yet puzzled about my "seameless timestamps" problem.
Actually I better understand how to create an element able to send seek to
upstream and mask it to downstream elements. So I can loop just a pipeline
section leaving the rest flow normally.
I got some code and pointers from concat element and from gnonlin.
Looping is not my primary goal, so my work proceed.

Now right to the question:
I see a strange behaviour after a seek, I got an audio file 10 seconds long
and, from "my element", I push a seek from 0 to 5 secs to upstream (filesrc
+ audioparse). My element prints the timestamp of incoming buffers. As
expected I see printed all buffers timestamps but the incoming flow don't
stops at 5 seconds but continue  up to 10 seconds. The seek is working
because the segment event is correct and actually the audio from 5 to 10
secs will not be played from alsasink, I guess because outside the segment.
Why audioparse pushes downstream those buffers out of segment?

I run on Raspberry Pi with GStreamer 1.4.4 and I wonder if a so old version
can be a problem.
I would like update gstreamer to last version but seems to me that I have to
download and compile it because there is not official packets available.
Actually I ave no time to spend for that.


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