mpeg2ts won't playback

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Did you  reply to the wrong message?

I am having a problem playing back certain MPEG 2 TS over udp. 

As far as I can tell the following two messages are not actually a problem because the TS has an AC3 audio track indicated by PID 0x14.

0:00:00.080719063  3772       0xc09e30 FIXME             mpegtsbase mpegtsbase.c:915:mpegts_base_activate_program: Refcounting issue. Setting a known PSI PID (0x0014) as known PES
0:00:00.080769332  3772       0xc09e30 WARN                 tsdemux tsdemux.c:1591:create_pad_for_stream: AC3 stream type found but no guaranteed way found to differentiate between AC3 and EAC3. Assuming plain AC3.

I am not sure what the following means but I think other elements produce the same message about implementing drain.

0:00:00.152900772  3772       0xc09e30 FIXME           videodecoder gstvideodecoder.c:933:gst_video_decoder_drain_out:<mfxdec_mpeg2-0> Sub-class should implement drain(


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Maximum values of SPS and PPS IDs are set to 
#define GST_H264_MAX_SPS_COUNT   32
#define GST_H264_MAX_PPS_COUNT   256

Change and rebuild gst-libs/gst/codecparsers and gst/videoparsers again.

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