reference count of gstreamer elements not decresing

new baby mdamirraza at
Tue Nov 13 05:06:27 UTC 2018

Hi ShilVin,

Thanks for your inputs, i did the following but still the reference count is
increasing, after restart of encoder.
To create gstreamer elements i am not using API's like  GstElement *
gst_element_factory_create ()
GstElement *	gst_element_factory_make ().

But directly using API's like gst_parse_launch() , g_main_loop_new() and
*Maybe there is different way of Unreferencing the Gstreamer Elements ? *?


*Unreferencing *

*Can anyone help me to solve the issue , i have  attached the Debug log with
level 4 {GST_DEBUG=4}, where i am restarting the Encoder 3 times (i called
the above code 3 times including Unrefrenceing code)* The Reference count
value is 0,1,2 in debug log 
Debug Log File 

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