Create GStreamer plugin in VisualStudio 2015

Sharden vickarchuck at
Wed Nov 28 09:54:28 UTC 2018

Hello everyone!
I am trying to create a plugin from official Plugins Writer's Guide - .
I cannot use make_element for creating my own plugin from gstplugin.c/h
files (from but
I saw what it does on Linux machine and replaced everything myself. I
replaced all "gstplugin" entries with "mynewplugin". I also tried to use
gsttransform files from the same page.
I added proprties included in the gstreamer sdk - gstreamer-1.0.props and
tried to build the dll file. It showed me an error in macros
GST_PLUGIN_DEFINE: VERSION - undeclared identifier. 
Also Visual Stufio itself starts to behave strangely - intellisene always
parses something and I am not able to close VS as it does nothing when I try
to close it. Looks like the prop files which were designed for VS 2010 does
not work for 2015.
Does anyone has an experience of writing plugin via Windows on VS 2015? Any
help will do!

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