Probing 2 pads simultaneously

Adam Langley linux at
Tue Sep 4 04:40:36 UTC 2018

Hi everyone,

I have a pipeline capturing live video and audio sources into a couple of
I need to (dynamically) link in a new branch to each of the tees to deliver
to a new a muxer element.
I have read through the dynamic pipeline documentation on, however it pertains to unlinking/linking a
single media stream.

What would be the process for simultaneously probing 2 sources, to mux them
together, without interrupting the pipeline?

Do I just link the first, then link the second, and just make sure that I
have a large-enough queue  before the muxer to make sure the first linked
stream does not stall (i.e, muxer not consuming fast enough...) before
second pad gets linked to the muxer?

Or is there some other due-diligence I need to perform here?

Thanks and regards
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