bitbake gstreamer1.0 : "Nothing PROVIDES 'gobject-introspection'"

Nicolas Dufresne nicolas at
Tue Sep 4 13:59:36 UTC 2018

Le mardi 04 septembre 2018 à 11:52 +0530, Tarun Tej K a écrit :
> Hi,
> I am trying to build the latest gstreamer version 1.14.2 using the
> yocto recipes from 
> I have added new version recipes to my custom yocto layer; added the
> required .bbclass files to 'classes' directory inside my custom
> layer. There are older version (1.4.5, 1.6.0) recipes in other layers
> but my layer has higher priority so the 'bitbake -s' shows 1.14.2 as
> the version of gstreamer family, so that proves the recipes are
> successfully parsed.
> After that I am trying to build gstreamer1.0 using the command
> 'bitbake gstreamer1.0' but I get an error saying 
> Nothing PROVIDES 'gobject-introspection' .......... 
> Close matches: 
> gobject-introspection-stub 
> gobject-introspection-native
> I have verified that the gobject-introspection.bbclass file has been
> added to classed directory of my layer. I have removed gobject-
> introspection from the inherit list in the
> and it successfully continued to bitbake until some 'installed but
> not shipped' error occurred at do_package_qa task. Also another class
> 'upstream-version-is-even.bbclass' is also inherited
> by and that is also present in same directory
> as gobject-introspection.bbclass but I don't get any error with that.
> I am using the yocto setup cloned from freescale's repository (
> ), so this might contain older dependency libraries. Also the bitbake
> version is 1.28.0

Don't Yocto provide a mailing list for their users ?

> What could be the problem? Please let me know if I need to provide
> any additional information to understand issue better.
> Thanks
> Tarun
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