Problems capturing to PNG images

John Coppens john at
Sun Sep 9 06:30:40 UTC 2018

Hello all.

It seems I took on a too difficult task as my first Gst project. I want to monitor
a webcam, and, on clicking an image, save the picture. I'm using Gtk3 + introspection,
and GStreamer 1.0.

I got a chain working from v4l2src - filter - scale - convert - gtksink and was able
to embed the code into a Gtk GUI, though now it seems to have stopped updating.

I tried to 'tee' the signal from the viewer to a pngenc and then to a filesink,
but never got that working - the chain creates the image file, but leaves it empty.
I tried dozens of different approaches, even eliminating the viewer chain. In one
case I could get a gst-launch chain capturing the images correct to a png, but
translating the command into script did not work.

Also, I detected the camerabin[2] module, but didn't find any Python script that
uses it. I suspect that would solve my problem though.

I don't know the list's policy on attachments - if they're accept I could add
a compressed minimized program.


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