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> Hello!
> I am just getting into the world of networking/protocols/streaming and
> could
> use some clarifying answers.
> 1. Why is there no simple way to setup an http server in a similar way to
> using a tcpserversink or a udpsink? If I need to send a video to an http
> server how would I do this?

If you are serving files, you don't need GStreamer. If you want to serve
streams, you can use libsoup, and giosink. You could also write an element
for that, but I guess it's not very flexible and won't adapt to all use

> 2. What is actually happening under the hood when I use a tcpserversink? If
> I use this sink, I can view the video in an html5 video element in my
> browser. Doesn't this mean somewhere along the line it is using an http
> protocol?

I am very surprised you managed to get anything working in a video tag
using tcpserversink.

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