Live recorded MP4(h264+mp3) video file can't be seek to play in gstreamer on PC

rickyqiqi rickyqiqi at
Thu Sep 20 02:26:46 UTC 2018

Hi Nicolas,

Thank you for your kindly reply.

It's good information for me that at least the video files can be played
fine on Fedora 28 system. But my PC is using Win10 with MSYS2 (mingw32/64)
enviroment. And the GStreamer install package is also 1.14.2 version(32bit
version), which is installed using the "pacman" tool of MSYS2. I've also
tried with gstreamer 1.8.1 source code to compile and install gstreamer
1.8.1. The test result is just as it uses 1.14.2 version on Win10.

On win10, when I use gst-play-1.0 or gst-launch-1.0 playbin to play with the
video files, it uses avdec_h264 as H.264 decoder and GstMad as MP3 decoder.
Could you check which codecs are being using in Fedora 28?

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