amcvideodec: decoding fails on Mediatek tablet (API level 19)

Grégoire Gentil gregoire at
Thu Sep 20 23:42:38 UTC 2018

On 09/20/2018 04:22 PM, Nicolas Dufresne wrote:
> Le jeudi 20 septembre 2018 à 15:38 -0700, Grégoire Gentil a écrit :
>> Hardware decoding fails on this tablet inside amcvideodec as I
>> explained
>> in this bug report:
>> amcvideodec: decoding fails on Mediatek tablet (API level 19)
>> I would like to try to debug further this issue which seems to be
>> related how Gstreamer handles the hardware decoding.
>> Can anyone provide any tip how I should investigate further to find
>> out
>> the issue?
> Can you give a try with a fixed pipeline, like:
>    filesrc ! parsebin ! <amcvideodec> ! glimagesink
I have tried:

filesrc location=%s ! parsebin ! queue ! 
amcvideodec-omxmtkvideodecoderavc ! queue ! videoconvert ! glimagesink

as well other similar combination around amcvideodec but the decoding 
element is not recognized. I know that it's created on the fly. I saw 
"omxmtk" when it was failing with playbin. How do I specify the right 
pipeline on Android?


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