qmlglsink on Windows

Ilya Aleshkov ilya.aleshkov at gmail.com
Sun Sep 23 18:34:44 UTC 2018

I'm trying to use qmlglsink on Windows. I know it's possible (thanks to Jan
I've built it successfully without any issues (Qt 5.10.1 MSVC 2013 64bit).
But when I run qmlsink
example, I get completely black GstGLVideoItem.

0:00:00.466134900 2636 0000026BB7274390 WARN glcontext
gstglcontext.c:507:gst_gl_context_get_current_gl_context: Could not
retrieve current context

0:00:00.466183800 2636 0000026BB7274390 ERROR qtglutility
gstqtglutility.cc:206:gst_qt_get_gl_wrapcontext: cannot wrap qt OpenGL

0:00:00.486401100 2636 0000026BB7274390 ERROR qtglwidget
qtitem.cc:336:QtGLVideoItemInterface::initWinSys: 0000026BB8962CA0 failed
to retrieve wrapped context (NULL)

0:00:00.486468000 2636 0000026BB7274390 WARN qtsink
gstqtsink.cc:309:gst_qt_sink_change_state:<qtsink0> error: Could not
initialize window system

How to solve this problem?

Windows 10
GeForce GTX 1050 Ti (411.63 driver)
GStreamer 1.14.2

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