RTP Forward to GStreamer has corrupted frames

Nicolas nicolas at ubble.ai
Wed Sep 26 15:42:13 UTC 2018

Hi all,

We have started playing with GStreamer recently, and it works very nicely !

Our use case is video only. We stream in webRTC from browsers to Janus
Gateway, which itself forwards an RTP stream to our backend (using Janus
Video Room plugin). Janus is also recording the video in a file.

Browser ---------> Janus -----------> Gstreamer
             WebRTC                RTP

In our backend, the RTP stream is decoded with Gstreamer, to be analyzed
with computer vision algorithms.
The whole pipeline works nicely, but we observed a weird behavior. We
compared the frames decoded by GStreamer, and the video recorded by Janus.
We realized that frames read by GStreamer are sometimes corrupted, while the
video file never have issues. This corruption starts low, and amplifies
until frames get totally unreadable. After a few seconds, the stream comes
back to normal. (Attached some examples)

The Gstreamer pipeline we use, that provided the best results so far is: 
```udpsrc port=17004 ! application/x-rtp,clock-rate=90000,payload=96 ! queue
!  rtph264depay ! h264parse ! avdec_h264 ! videoconvert ! app```

We've tried using a rtpjitterbuffer, which did not solve the issue.

I'd be glad to hear suggestions on where to look at next, and even experts
that could help pipoint the issue !





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