isomp4 (qtmux): Frame freeze with reserved-moov-update-period

Grégoire Gentil gregoire at
Sun Sep 30 00:10:40 UTC 2018

I'm using mp4mux with reserved-moov-update-period and I have noticed 
that my encoding file has some frozen frames exactly when the moov 
update occurs, based on the period setup by the option 

While reading the code, I see that gst_qt_mux_robust_recording_update

is called from gst_qt_mux_register_and_push_sample:

I also see some OBJECT_LOCK and UNLOCK. My understanding is that the 
stream is "paused" (not gstreamer-paused but kind of locked) as long as 
the moov header is being updated.

Is there a way to avoid that? Could it be done in a separate thread?


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