Could not render sink output with multifilesink!

ledinhtri97 ledinhtri.cse.hcmut at
Mon Dec 2 10:05:25 UTC 2019

Hello everyone!, I using multifilesink to sink images! But it output all
black images. I turn GST_DEBUG=3 to view error and receive this messages !

0:00:09.610422026  5705 0x55820a06c0a0 ERROR default
video-frame.c:175:gst_video_frame_map_id: invalid buffer size 64 < 3686400

0:00:09.610450516  5705 0x55820a06c0a0 WARN videofilter
gstvideofilter.c:293:gst_video_filter_transform:<videoconverter> warning:
invalid video buffer received

Hope that can be help! thank you so much!!!

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